Can I create a collection inside a collection?

Can I create a collection inside a collection?

In Gyazo, you can't create a collection inside a Collection.
However, as an alternative, you can get the same effect by first add hashtags, keywords, and descriptions to images and then doing image search.

For example, if you want to create a collection of dogs and divide them into folders for each breed.

Comment section of image 1
Dog Shiba Inu

Comment section of image 2
Dog Chihuahua

Comment section of image 3
Dog Australian Labradoodle

Enter each word in the comment field.

Then, on the Captures page, type dog to see a list of images with dog as the keyword.

If you want to display only the image of Australian Labradoodle, enter Australian Labradoodle to display the image list of only Australian Labradoodle.

Even if you do not hierarchize collection inside a collection, you can extract the list of desired images by devising a search word.
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