Delete a capture you uploaded

Delete a capture you uploaded

You can delete any captures that you upload by going to the capture page and clicking the small trashcan icon and then confirming. You can also delete captures from your Captures page.

On the image page
In the top bar find the trash can icon and then click it then if you are ready to delete the capture, click delete.

On the captures page
Go to your Captures page.

Hover over the capture you would like to delete, click the checkmark, and then click the trash can icon. Next, click delete.

You can mass delete images by using Shify key.

To delete all captures at once you must delete your account.
If you delete your account, all your images will be permanently deleted. See how to delete Gyazo account or contact us.

After deleting your account you can create an account again if you would like to start over.

You can only delete captures that you uploaded but you may request a removal.
If you would like to request a capture uploaded by someone else to be removed, please contact us and we will be happy to help. You can also see the page Image delete request for an overview.
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