Editing images

Editing images

This feature is only available with Gyazo Pro, and Gyazo Teams.

If you have a paid account, you can draw and add notes right on your images in the browser.
This is a great way to bring attention to key areas, write notes, and even draw freely with a pencil.

Note: Editing is only available for still images, but you can use Easy trimming for gifs and video clips.

How to edit an image
1. Go to the image page, and in the top bar click the pencil icon

2. The image will go into editing mode with several options.
Editing tools
a) Adjust the zoom level of the image you're editing
b) Add stickers and emoji. You can select any of your images to add.
c) Draw an arrow
d) Draw a line
e) Add a rectangle box. You can also add a fill to block something out
f) Add text. Select a font and select the size. Try Impact font to make memes.
g) Draw freely with the pencil tool
h) Add a mosaic to hide sensitive information or cover naughty bits
i) Use the color palette to change the color of the active tool

3. When done click "Save" and it will save a copy at a new link. The original image will not be changed.

4. Copy the new link and paste it when you want to share your edited image.