Gyazo Teams

Gyazo Teams

Note: A teams account and the application are required to use the Gyazo Teams service.

Gyazo Teams lets you effortlessly share and collect visual ideas with a group of people. It can reduce most communication headaches with teams because anyone can get their point across quickly and clearly.

You can try it free for 30 days. People who use Gyazo Teams can improve communication across departments and across language barriers with instantly shareable, private screenshots and screen videos.

Gyazo Teams includes everything in our free and Gyazo Pro services, plus features specific to teams:

Enhanced security --- Compared to normal gyazo links, your images can private team-only sharing
Centralized account features make it easy to add new members to Gyazo Teams and manage them
Consolidated billing means you don't have to worry about managing multiple payments and bills for each user

Get your whole team on the same screen. It's perfect for remote teams working on technical problems and anyone who wants to save time communicating at work.

Please refer to the Gyazo Teams page to see more information.

Getting started is easy. Follow the steps at the link above and you can start using Gyazo Teams in a few minutes.

Note: The interface of Gyazo and Gyazo Teams service are nearly the same but they do have different icons to distinguish them.
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