Ivy Search shows related images using image details

You've probably spent a lot of time finding images using folders or tags. Even if you carefully sort your images by hand, they seem to get lost or take too long to find.

Ivy Search labels images automatically using Details Gyazo saves with each image or video such as dates, application names, URLs, page titles, and OCR scan results.

It works the same way you remember things - starting from a vague idea and then tracing a chain of related memories. Now you can easily stay organized and always find what you want.

Find your images strung together like leaves on a vine
Each time you see an image, new related images will be displayed below it as Related images. By clicking through a few sets of related images you can always find what you were looking for. You might be surprised to even find a few images you forgot about.

Ivy Search has been designed to be intuitive by working the same way we remember ideas. First we think of vague ideas that are related to other ideas, and then we can recall clear memories and stories to share with others.

No more file, folder, or tag management required and no more lost images
Many of us have tried to name files and folders or added lots of tags, but staying organized is always too much work.

We do not have the time to name, describe, or tag images according to the best scheme. What is worse, sometimes we forget our own naming scheme and things can get lost in the clutter. With the new Gyazo, these problems are solved with automatic sorting based on simple metadata.

How does Ivy Search make connections between my images?
The similarities between images are calculated using creation dates, application names, URLs, and web page titles plus any description you type in. Every time you capture a new image the app will collect this metadata and use natural language processing to display a set of similar images instantly.

This means all of your Gyazo images are kept in order without any special effort on your part. And you always have the option to quickly add your own description text for more specific organization but you only need to do it once for each set.

For example, when you find one image with the description “Hawaii” then you can see all the images taken around that time. If you then click a sunset photo, you can see other sunset photos in your collection. Just clicking images one by one, you can enjoy recalling memories.

Learn more about IvySearch metadata here
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