Is Gyazo safe?

Is Gyazo safe?

Yes. Here are some of the ways Gyazo is built for safety.

The Gyazo app has never had viruses or malware.
The Gyazo app for Windows and Mac has been free from viruses, malware, and bloatware for its entire history. And we we plan to keep it that way. We've never included any other installers or offers so you're getting software 100% created by our team for you.

When you download and install Gyazo you can be confident there will be no third party apps, auto opt-ins, or bundled offers. That means no viruses, no spam, and no unwanted junk added to your desktop or browser.

Only you can see your captures, until you share the link.
Your captures are completely private by default until you choose to share the link.

Again, you are the only one who can see your captures until you share the link. After the link is shared, anyone who receives the link can see the captured image or video.

With Gyazo Pro or Gyazo Teams you can also set passwords for specific captures as an extra privacy measure.

How strong is privacy for Gyazo links by default?
Gyazo links are unlisted until shared so they can't be found with a search engine unless the uploader shares them publicly.

This is an example of a Gyazo link:

With this long string of characters it can't be guessed.

Gyazo links have 2 to the 128th power (2^128) of possible unique addresses.
With 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 possibilities, Gyazo links are unguessable.

We also take special measures against DDoS and brute force attacks so it is impossible to find links through a large amount of access attempts.

The long, secure link is a key difference between Gyazo and other image hosts such as imgur or Lightshot which use short links that can easily be found with a little trial and error and are basically not private at all.

Can other people see my image metadata?
When you share a link with someone, they can't see any details except the capture itself unless you choose to turn on sharing capture details. Related images and OCR scan results can only be seen by the person that upload captures.

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