Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys

How to launch Gyazo with shortcut keys

For Windows Users

Gyazo for Windows has shortcuts you can use right away.

For Mac users, please read "Shortcut keys for Mac".
Note: You can always install Gyazo Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and add keyboard shortcuts to it as an alternative.

How to change your shortcuts
At the bottom of the screen, go to the task bar, then right click on the Gyazo icon, then click settings.
You can also go to the start menu and type Gyazo settings to find and open Gyazo Settings.

Gyazo for Mac does not have shortcut keys by default.
We apologize. This is something we would like to add soon. See this article Shortcut keys for Mac to see how to create shortcuts using the Automator app.

Also, you can install the Gyazo Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge then add custom keyboard shortcuts to it. Follow the steps below if you're interested:

How to add custom shortcuts to Gyazo for Chrome
Head to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in your browser's address bar.
You'll see a Keyboard Shortcuts settings page.

Now you can set up custom shortcuts for the Gyazo extension (for example, Cmd + G), and then click oK.

Also, when you launch Gyazo extension you can choose the capture type by keyboard as well (E, S, P, W).
E : Element
S : Select area
P : Visible Page
W : Whole Page

By combining these keys, you can capture what you see on a page in Chrome by pressing Command + G and then P, for example.