"Page Not Found" screen is displayed

"Page Not Found" screen is displayed

When you click the image link, the image may not be displayed properly and the following error screen may be displayed.

Possible causes

(1) The URL of the image may be incorrect.
Gyazo's image link has 32 random alphanumeric characters after gyazo.com/ .
The image will not be displayed if there are missing characters or even one character is incorrect.
Please check if the link is correct.

(2) The image may have already been deleted by the owner.
Please check with the owner.

(3) The Gyazo account of the owner of the image may have been deleted.
When the account is deleted, the images saved in that account will also be deleted.
Please check with the owner.

(4) Gyazo's server may be down.
We will fix it as soon as possible. If you noticed it, please contact us.
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