Cannot view images properly

Cannot view images properly

If you have troubles displaying images, please try Super Reload first.
If that doesn't work, see the symptoms below.

The captured image opens as a blank screen
Your browser or its version may not be supported by Gyazo.
Please check the operating environment once again. → Supported operating systems and web browsers

Captured image turns black

The background desktop is captured even though I captured the browser
Are you using a new Mac OS? Have a look at The desktop is captured instead of the desired location.

In addition, clearing your browser's cache and clear cookie of may resolve the issue.

It is also possible that the extensions you are currently using with this browser may affect the image display. Please turn off all extensions once and see if this solves the issue.

If the captured image is corrupted and not displayed, please contact us and report the following information. We will investigate in detail.
Gyazo image link that is broken and not displayed
A broken screen and a full screenshot of the Error Console (full screen including the taskbar, etc.)
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