Can't connect to server / internet error, 12002, 12007, or 12029

Can't connect to server / internet error, 12002, 12007, or 12029

These errors are caused by the Gyazo App being blocked from using the internet connection on your computer to upload.

This can be caused by several cases, including:
antivirus software settings
firewall settings
proxy or network settings

Check if you have these cases and try these solutions
Internet connection issues.
Verify that you can access the Gyazo website or any major website.

DNS, Router, or Modem issues
Restart your computer and your internet router and/or modem.
Try accessing Gyazo via another network such as the 4G connection of your mobile phone to verify the website is working correctly.

Access to Gyazo blocked by network settings (such as by a school, company, or government)
Try using another network or VPN if you would like. You may still be able to use the Gyazo Extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge in this case.

Antivirus software or Windows Defender false positive
Try turning off your anti-virus software briefly, to check if this allows Gyazo to upload images. Or try approving Gyazo inside the software settings.
For information on setting up Windows Defender, please see these articles:
Sometimes antivirus software makes mistakes. You can read Is Gyazo safe? for more information.

Proxy / network configuration issues
This can happen when you configure your browser's proxy settings for an intranet then try to use the same settings outside of that network, such as for a school or business.
To check if there are any problems with the proxy settings, try visiting our website Gyazo.
If you can access Gyazo with Firefox but not with IE and Chrome, there might be a problem with your proxy settings. Please configure your proxy settings back to the default for your current network.

For 40X and 50X errors
Please see Client and server errors, 400 and 500 for more information and solutions.

For hresult errors
Please see Application errors for more details.
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