Cannot use Pro feature even I have paid Gyazo Pro

Cannot use Pro feature even I have paid Gyazo Pro

Cannot use video 180 seconds recording feature
Cannot use drawing features
Cannot see my captured screenshot in the captures page

As per the issue that you cannot use the Pro features above, even you are a Pro user, we suppose that your device is not connected to your Pro account yet.

Please try these steps to solve the issue :

2) Log out from Launch Gyazo App (for still images) and take a screenshot. A new tab will open with your default web browser.

3) On the captured image page, click Get Gyazo free

4) click Login

5) Login to your account with your Pro registered email and password.

6) Depending on your usage situation, an email with the Verification code will be sent to the registered email address. Enter the issued authentication code in the login screen and complete the login.

7) You will see the following message. Click "Yes" to link your second device with your account.

If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact us in which step you had an issue with.

In rare cases your subscription has already been downgraded for some reasons.
Please check the current subscription status to see if you are currently a Pro user.
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