What is GyStation?
GyStation is the setting screen of Gyazo.
It is only for Windows at this time.

How to open GyStation
There are 3 ways to open Gyazo Settings (GyStation.)

Please try any of these to open GyStation.

1) Right click the Gyazo icon in the taskbar

2) Right click the Gyazo icon in the notifications area

3) Searching for the Gyazo settings program

When you open GyStation, you can edit various settings, as seen in this screenshot.

Why has GyStation been detected as malware by virus software?

GyStation is not a malware.

Sometimes GyStation is judged as malware, and then we will have to contact the virus software company each time and request that the judgment be canceled. This has happened a few times in the past and in each case the virus software company has determined it is free of malware and whitelisted the application

If GyStation is judged as a malware in your computer, it would be helpful if you contact us and let us know the name of your virus software so we can contact the company and have it whitelisted.
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