Make image metadata public

Make image metadata public

The captured details Gyazo saves with each image or video is hidden by default.
If you make this public, anyone who shares the image will be able to view the attribute information of the image.

At the bottom of the image page, you can switch between Details visible and Details hidden .

You can also set metadata public of all the images at once from the "Security & Privacy" category of settings page.

If you set this setting to "ON", your user name and profile image registered in Gyazo will always be disclosed to the viewers. Especially when using SNS, please be careful about the disclosure of metadata.

Only the person who upload captures can see the image attribute information, OCR scan information, and comments you have add hashtags, keywords, and descriptions to images unless the metadata is set to be public.
Also, the "Related images" are not visible to other users in any case.

Rest assured that Gyazo will not provide these image information or comments to third parties.
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