Sharing Gyazo images

Sharing Gyazo images

When you upload captures, the image or video file is uploaded and a unique link (URL) is created.

To share a Gyazo page, simply paste the link where you want people to see it.

You can share gyazo links by pasting them anywhere with a text box: social media, chat apps, emails, blogs, wikis, and websites, and our own note app, Scrapbox.

A Gyazo link :

Get more sharing options in the share menu at the top of every image page.
This includes direct X(Twitter) sharing (so everyone can see it directly inside Twitter,) HTML embed code, and Markdown code.

Other Tips:

You can share details Gyazo saves with each image or video (application name, title, URL, etc) when you Make image metadata public. These details are private and not visible by default.

Only the person who uploaded the image can see the "Related Images" displayed at the bottom of the image in any case.

Note: You can Connect a X(Twitter) account to display images directly inline and share on X (Twitter) that way.

Is Gyazo safe? How about privacy?
Only you can see your image if you don't share the link.
Anyone who has the link can access the image page and see the image directly.
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