Private team-only sharing

Private team-only sharing

Note: A Gyazo Teams account is required to use Gyazo Teams.

When sharing Gyazo images you have two options for privacy / access permissions -- capture-specific or team-wide. This option can only be changed by the administrator. For admins, see the Settings for administrators section below.

If the team administrator enables capture-specfic permissions, these privacy settings can be changed by the uploader on each capture page with the Permission button.

For capture-specific permissions there are three options

Anyone with the link
Only you can see your capture unless you share the link. After that, anyone with the link can see it
If you frequently share images with people outside the team, such as customers, clients, or partners we recommend this option.
See sharing Gyazo images and sharing capture details for more information.

Password protected
This allows you to set a unique password which will be required for anyone else to view the capture, even if they have the link.
You are not required to enter the password to see your own image. This is the same feature as Password lock captures for Gyazo Pro users.

Team members only
Only you can see your capture unless you share the link with a team member. After that, only team members can see it.
Anyone outside of the team cannot see the image, even if they have the link.
with a valid account for the team is required.

Settings for administrators

Administrators can go to the team settings page from the button at the upper right corner of any Gyazo page or by visiting

The team administrator can set the following sharing options on the team's settings page:
Decide who can access any captures uploaded by the team ( Anyone with the link or Team members only ).
Decide to allow or disallow team members to change the sharing option on their capture to Anyone with the link . This can be used to maintain privacy for company information and in cases when you do not need to share with anyone outside the team.

If your team requires higher privacy we recommend selecting the Team members only option and disabling the Anyone with the link image sharing option.