Unsubscribe from Gyazo Pro

Unsubscribe from Gyazo Pro

Hmm... maybe something we did wasn't quite right?

Contact us and send us a quick message and we will do everything we can to fix or improve your experience.

Whether you reconsider unsubscribing or not, we appreciate your support. It means a lot to our team.

If you would still like to unsubscribe, follow these steps to downgrade your account:
1) Go to your settings page and click the Update credit card button, then click Downgrade

2) Please pick one reason why you are unsubscribing and share a little feedback to help us improve.

3) Click the next button to confirm the downgrade.

Note: You can continue using Gyazo Pro until the remaining time in your subscription period expires.

If you are planning to resubscribe in the future, everything will be where you left it. When you resubscribe all features will be restored and all your captures will be accessible from the captures page again as long as you have not deleted them.

Instead of unsubscribing, why not contact us and let us know how we can help? We'll get back to you right away.

Thank you for using Gyazo and subscribing to Gyazo Pro.
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