Seriously-instant screenshot sharing. The original app that lets you share and search captures & videos in seconds.

What is Gyazo?
Gyazo lets you capture screenshots, videos, and replay clips that are ready to share instantly. It's free and easy to use.
When you take a capture, we upload it and put a unique link in your clipboard instantly so you can share in seconds.

The Gyazo app supports still image capture, and Gyazo Video and Gyazo Replay support video capture.

How to use Gyazo

What options are available for Gyazo?
Gyazo Lite is free.
After creating an account, you can upgrade to Gyazo Pro for things like instant editing and unlimited easy history access.
You can also try Gyazo Teams if you're working with a group of people and want more features like privacy settings, account management, and enhanced security.

Get Gyazo for free everywhere you go
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Is Gyazo Safe? How about security and privacy?
In short, yes. Gyazo has been developed and maintained as a reliable and secure service for over 10 years.
You can read more safety details in our blog post, Is Gyazo Safe? Yes. And here's 7 reasons why.
Also, read more about privacy on this page Sharing Gyazo images and see our Legal information.

Who makes Gyazo?
Gyazo is developed by Helpfeel Inc..

You can read more about Gyazo on Wikipedia.

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