With Gyazo collections you can save and share a set of images to gather inspiration, review ideas, and organize things to remember. You can also invite other people to add to a shared collection.

How to create collections from the captures page
Click on multiple images you want to add, then click the plus sign or click an existing collection in the left column.

How to add to a collection from the capture page

In the navigation bar at the top right, click the collection icon to see the collection menu. Click a collection or make a new one to add the current capture.

There is no limit to the number of images that can be stored in a collection.

How to share collections with viewers
Each of your collections has a unique link which only you can see. To share, simply paste the link to your collection, like this one:

It works the same way as sharing Gyazo images normally.

Invite other people to add to a collection
Go to a collection you have created and below the title click "Add people." You can invite others by their email address. If they have a Gyazo account they can join the collection immediately and add their own captures, otherwise they will need to download, sign up, and log in first.

Note: As the creator of the collection you can add or remove people at any time.

Deleting a collection
Go to a collection then in the top click the delete icon. If you "delete" a collection it will be removed but all the captures it contains will remain in your account and will not be deleted. You might also want to know how to delete a capture you uploaded.
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