Gyazo Replay

Gyazo Replay

This feature is only for Windows.

Gyazo Replay: Capture the Last 30 Seconds In-Game and Share Instantly

With Gyazo Replay you can capture and share the last 30 seconds of on-screen action without missing a moment.

Capture instantly while you play
Hit the hotkeys ( Ctrl+Shift+F by default) to launch the service
Press the Shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+F to capture instantly while you play
After capturing, the HD clip automatically uploads, the link is copied, and you can keep playing.
Share when you're ready by pasting the link or visit your Captures page to review later.

Grab HD clips without stopping for a second
Gyazo Replay cuts out all the extra steps. No game-blocking overlays, no tedious file management, no complex processes, and no expensive hardware.

Replays are ready-to-share mp4 clips in 1080p HD at good framerate up to 30 seconds for Gyazo Pro users or 7 seconds for free users.

How does Replay capturing work?
Launch Gyazo Replay and you’ll be ready to capture the last 30 seconds at any time.
When you press the hotkeys it will capture and start uploading then copy the link when done, playing a sound to confirm success.

Replay is optimized to use a modest amount of CPU and ram so on most modern computers you can still play games just as smoothly while it’s running. To be ready to capture, always launch the app before you start playing your games or using your apps. You can also customize your hotkeys and turn confirmation sounds on or off in Gyazo settings.

Share more hype moments and teachable moments in less time
Maybe you just won a crazy battle and you want to show it off. Right after the exciting moment ends, hit the hotkeys to capture and then keep playing. Later on you can review the clip and share the page or video link directly. It's full HD quality so every detail is visible.

Use it to learn more about mistakes
Sometimes you can’t understand w7hat happened because it just happened so fast. By grabbing a replay on the fly you can go back and see exactly how that tough enemy got you so you can improve next time.

Gyazo Replays have good framerate so you can see even lightning-fast action.

Use it to promote your stream or channel
Maybe you’re growing your Twitch following but people on X(Twitter) and Discord don’t get that excited from seeing just a channel link.

Use Replay to capture while you play, then share out a nice clip with your stream link. By sharing high quality clips more frequently you’ll get more followers and subscribers in no time.

How to capture longer replays
To increase the length of captures to 30 seconds and remove the Gyazo watermark, upgrade to Gyazo Pro.

Record sound with Gyazo Replay
If you want to record sound with Gyazo Replay, please enable it in the Gyazo settings.
1) Open Gyazo settings by right clicking Gyazo icon at the task bar
2) Click "More options"
3) Put a tick at "Record audio"

Note: There is no setting to adjust the volume of recordings at this time. It is based on your system volume level.
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