Screenshots blank or totally black

Screenshots blank or totally black

When performing capture and upload desktop Screen in Gyazo, it seems that the captured still image or video may be captured in black.

Please check the following in order.

1) Turn off Browser Extension
There is a possibility that browser extensions for applications other than Gyazo that you are currently using in your browser are affecting the image display. Please try turning off all extensions and see if the problem is resolved.

3) Check if your virus software is blocking Gyazo.

4) Check if your browser is the latest version.

Also, some applications (mainly game applications) and security software may have built-in functions to prevent screen captures.
We are sorry, but in this case you will not be able to use Gyazo's capture function.

If you encounter this problem when trying to take a screenshot of a game screen (or running a game behind the scenes), please try closing the game application once and see if Gyazo works properly.

This can be caused by apps that turn the screen black to prevent capturing such as video streaming apps, games, overlays, or anti-virus software. It may also be caused by using Windows without activating it.

How to test if it's specific to one app that may be blocking captures
Exit any apps, overlays, or games and try to take a capture of your desktop background.

If the above does not solve the problem, please take a picture of the Error Console of the browser on the screen where the image appears black and send it to us.
Contact us here.
When capturing the contents of the error, please try to capture it in FULL screen as much as possible.
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