Gyazo GIF

Gyazo GIF

With Gyazo GIF you can easily create a screen gif or screen video with HD quality and it works the same way you upload captures.

You can capture up to 7 seconds with Gyazo Lite or up to 60 seconds with Gyazo Pro.

Gyazo GIF doesn't record sound at this time but we are working on system and microphone sound capture. If you want to record sounds, please use Gyazo Replay (for Windows only).

How to capture and share GIFs and clips

1. Use the Shortcut keys
On Windows
Click Gyazo GIF on your desktop, on your taskbar, or press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G
Note: This shortcut can be changed in Gyazo settings. To open settings right click the icon in the task bar or notification area.

On Mac
Click the Gyazo GIF icon in your dock.

2. Select area
Click and drag the cursor to select the area you want to start recording.

3. Record action, pause, or cancel
The rest of the screen will dim and recording will start as soon as you release your mouse.

Gyazo GIF buttons
A. time gauge - Gyazo GIF can capture up to 7 seconds . (60 seconds for Gyazo Pro users)
B. pause / restart recording button
C. cancel recording
D. complete recording
As soon as Gyazo recording starts A. shows the time gauge as it moves to the recording limit of 7 seconds. When you want to record for the maximum length you do not need to click any buttons.

4. Share or edit
When the recording is finished the link is copied to your clipboard automatically and a tab will open with your new GIF.

How to take a shorter GIF, less than 7 seconds
1. Start recording then click the button with the red dot B. to pause.
If you want to cancel and try again, click the X cancel button, C.
2. Click the checkmark button, D., to save the recording you have and upload it.

Share new screen GIFs and videos in seconds to any app
Capture new GIFs and share by pasting the link. Same as when you sharing Gyazo images.
Any moments happening on your screen in apps and games can be captured and sent to friends or fans in a few easy steps.

Use it to capture surprising wins, hype moments, or how to tips in games. In apps or websites you can use it to show how to navigate a menu and complete steps to achieve a desired outcome.

Note: Gyazo GIF actually captures a .mp4 video file first, then creates a .gif copy. You can grab either format by going to the image page then in the top bar clicking the Share button. For extra long captures the .gif option is removed because the file size would be too large to be practical.

We recommend using short video files in any case as it is easier to share and display on mobile devices and for people with slower internet connections. Many people say "GIF" but really want to see a short video clip and not the .gif file format.

If you create an account, you can browse the list of uploaded captures so far on the Captures page.